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Welcome to TMD

Founded in Nepal , Kathmandu Valley , Lalitpur Sub- Metropolitan city-17, Gwarko TMD has been a remarkable Die maker of the country . Its perfect management procedure and quality guarantee system, experts technology of mould making and plastic mould products have transformed it as an established Die, tooling and mold maker in this Himalayan country. Our Human Resource is dedicated and committed to manufacturing quality products an time at competitive prices. Our success has been achieved by a combination of enthusiasms of dedicated work team, though we suffer advance technology in Nepal. WE are trying to modernize tool and die making in Nepal with a mission of high quality product delivered on time. TMD’s primary business activities are the design and development of Die but we are equally involved in making toos and plastic molds and various accessories. TMD’s mission is to provide top and complete business consultancy for all types of manufacturing companies. Our experience and expertise is highly useful for all manufacturing companies. TMD’s Product expertise will help our clients to succeed in the business competition. WHETHER YOU are looking to build a new manufacturing company expand your existing company or simply improve your current company , TMD is always with you. Your success manufacturing company is the goal of TMD